Ankle Injuries

The ankle and foot act together to provide stability and support for your body while you are standing or moving. Injuries to the foot and ankle are extremely common in people of all ages and walks of life. Foot and ankle injuries can be caused by trauma, poor movement and biomechanics or weakness and insufficiency of the muscles, joints and/or ligaments around the ankle and foot.

The most common injury of the ankle is “rolling” of the ankle. During a simple ankle sprain there is stretching and/or tearing of the ankle ligaments. This commonly causes swelling, bruising, tenderness around the area and pain during weight-bearing or walking. In more complex or serious injuries may also include damage to the ankle joint itself including fractures of the bones which make up the joint.

Our physiotherapist will perform a comprehensive assessment of your ankle and/or foot which will allow them to accurately diagnose the cause of your pain or your next course of action, as well as create a detailed treatment plan focused on getting you better.

Key Points

  • Foot and ankle pain can be caused by trauma, poor movement and biomechanics or weakness and insufficient of the muscles.


  • Our physiotherapists are experienced in assessing, diagnosing and treating ankle problems.


  • Sometimes it is important to immobilise your ankle or foot if a fracture and tissue tears are involved.

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