Sports Injury Treatment

Sports injuries are injuries caused by playing competitive and social sports. The injuries can vary in severity, from a sprained ankle to a dislocated shoulder or even a complete rupture of the Achilles Tendon.

Commonly, injuries are often caused from overuse and over training.  Sports injuries can also occur due to under training or poor training practices or not wearing the correct training equipment. Not stretching and having a good warm up can also lead to many injuries as the body is not prepared for the exercise.

Physiotherapists often see injuries while they are in the acute phase (this is the first 48 to 72 hours). Initially sports injuries should be treated with the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation). The sports injury should then be assessed by a physiotherapist who will accurately diagnose and treat the injury. An injury is a setback and is disruptive to normal training routines, so having your injury looked at immediately is important

It is important that if you injure yourself playing a sport, don’t continue to play, use the RICE principles mentioned and make an appointment with your Physiotherapist clinic.

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