Work Place Assessment

Ergonomic consulting is where an ergonomic consultant will come to your working environment to evaluate your business or individual requirements. Our physiotherapists can provide expert knowledge in the area of office ergonomics and will assess the organizations needs and develop achievable goals and solutions.

Ergonomic consulting often requires analysis of the workstation. An ergonomic checklist is often used that will cover all aspects of the office ergonomic furniture, such as the chair, mouse, desk, computer and other pieces of ergonomic equipment. Not only is the workstation assessed but the individual sitting at the workstation, their ergonomic posture and also their work habits.

Ergonomic Consulting is usually used in conjunction with ergonomic software and ergonomic training.

Ergonomics is one part of OHS and our ergonomic consultants aim to provide a safe working environment.

Individual Workstation Assessments
  • Individual assessment with a physiotherapist aimed at identifying risk factors at the workstation that may cause injury and finding preventative solutions to these problems
  • Analysis of all aspects of the workstation – ergonomic chair, ergonomic desk, ergonomic monitor, ergonomic keyboard, ergonomic mouse and the  placement of these on the workstation
  • Analysis of the employee – job requirements and their working posture
  • Discussion of rest and stretch breaks throughout the day to minimise injuries
  • Recommendations including any equipment that may be required
Home Office Ergonomic Assessment
  • Employees generally set up their own home-ergonomic office and in doing so they can often make very poor choices when it comes to chairs, ergonomic workstations, telephone handsets, ergonomic furniture selection.
  • Home office assessments include the same rigorous steps as a typical workstation assessment. Employees will be instructed on how to set their workspace at home, when to take appropriate breaks and the appropriate exercises to perform should they have any symptoms.
Office Furniture and Equipment Analysis
  • Evaluation of ergonomic office furniture and equipment
  • Advice on making the right decisions when choosing ergonomic chairs, ergonomic  keyboards and ergonomic mice etc
  • A review of your office furniture and equipment will help you make the right decisions when you are investing in adapting workstations or purchasing new ergonomic furniture and ergonomic chairs.

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