The Team

Andrew Duong

Andrew finished his studies in 2002 and began his career in hospital outpatient physiotherapy.  He worked in specialty areas such as burns, orthopaedics, amputees and spinal injuries. This training has provided Andrew with an extensive knowledge base that continues to serve him well, especially when confronted with patients who have interesting, challenging problems.

Andrew is also certified in Occupational Physiotherapy and Injury Management.  He has built upon strong relationships with employees and workplaces looking to improve workers safety and injury prevention. 

Regularly, Andrew is involved in discussion and special interest groups involving rehabilitation professionals that includes other physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, podiatrists, and sports doctors.  He has a strong commitment to his work and dedication to his patients well-being, always looking to improve their quality of living in life.


 Lauren Studdert

Lauren graduated from the University of Wollongong with a Bachelor of Science (Exercise Science) and immediately began her studies in physiotherapy at the University of Sydney. An experienced clinician, Lauren now uses both her exercise prescription and manual therapy skills to achieve a well-rounded, comprehensive treatment plan for her patients.

Lauren also studied Women’s Health (pre and post natal care and incontinence treatment) and has a strong background in pilates and pelvic dysfunction. Recently she has furthered her knowledge in Advanced Rehabilitation of the Shoulder and Pelvic region.

Socially, Lauren participates in sporting activities such as basketball, beach volleyball and has taken a liking to surfing. Lauren practices with a strong emphasis on active patient participation in their rehabilitation, as this has been shown to improve patient outcomes and reduce injury time.