Common Complaints

There are many injuries and pathologies fall under the common complaints.  Injury and pathology relating to the spine, whether it be the neck, middle back or lower back are the most prevalent.  Please see the appropriate – these are injuries such as non specific lower back pain – this may be caused by sitting in a bad posture at your computer for a prolonged period of time. This may cause joint stiffness and subsequently muscle tightness and therefore pain. This type of injury is seen and successfully treated every day at our Guildford Physiotherapy clinic.

Many of us have experienced aches and pains and niggles from either sitting at the desk or for no real reason at all! These are what Physiotherapist describes as “common complaints” – aches or pains or niggles that we all experience every now and again.


Common injury complaints can often start out as just a “niggle” and then develop into a real problem. It is therefore important to seek advice from your Physiotherapist at the first sign of any ache or pain.

Complaints or niggles can be experienced all over the body.

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